Sign our petition to end casualisation at Leeds Beckett

To support our negotiations with management at Leeds Beckett, please sign our petition to end the use of casual teaching contracts:

Our claim was that all lecturers who teach a minimum of 100 hours for 2 years should be transferred, on agreement with the lecturer, onto a fractional permanent  0.2 contract. The university’s current positon falls considerable short of our claim – offering merely to make permanent after an unspecified period of years, and not necessarily via automatic transfer, those who have taught the equivalent of a 0.4 contract. Even at the most generous estimates this would only cover just short of 10% of all hourly paid lectures. As part of our campaign UCU nationally have set up a petition to help support our negotiations. Please sign following the link below and circulate as widely as you can. The students union have also given their support and I will send the petition to them, so encourage your students to sign too – it’s in their interest that all their lecturer are on contracts that are secure and sustainable.


Latest news from our branch


  • Anti-casualisation negotiations


Our claim of automatic conversion to 0.2 permanent fractional contract of all those who have worked as an hourly paid lecturer on a minimum of 100 hrs for 2 years has been rejected by the university after initial talks with mgmt. Currently they will consider looking at possible transfer (NOT automatic) of all those teaching above 200 hrs annually pending a number of years service (yet to be determined). This falls a long way short of our claim and would only cover under 10% of all hourly paid lecturers at the university, leaving the vast majority in exactly the same precarious situation as before. Negotiations have only just started and at our branch meeting we discussed the need to support his with a wider campaign. We are therefore launching a petition to support our negotiations ( news of this to follow), running stalls at the Rosebowl on Wednesday 14th November from 12-1 and Headingly refectory on Thursday 15th November from 1-2pm any member is welcome to help us with these stalls, contacting the Students Union and local MPs (if you wish to do this we can supply you with a template letter).


  • Graduation and turn around marking time – this was raised at JCC (Joint Consultative Cttee) – with concern around the shorter marking time – senior mgmt said our concern would be raised at the next Senior mgmt group (SMG) and that where lecturers need support this will be considered – not ideal I know but if you are worried that the marking volume is too great please raise this with your subject group head citing the commitment by senior mgmt to help address this.
  •  Pay ballot result – despite not meeting the new 50% legal threshold the results were actually better that in 2016 when UCU took strike action. Nationally there was a turnout of 42% (our branch had slightly higher at 42.5%) with 69% (63.6% in our branch) voting in favour of industrial action – compared with just a 35% turnout in 2016 and 65% in favour of action. There is a call for a re-ballot given the close results and UCU is holding a special Sector Conference next week where this will be thrashed out – we have delegates going to this too.
  • Module evaluation – an email will be sent out by our committee to ask for your views on module evaluation. The branch meetings almost unanimously decided to propose that module evaluation should be taken back under course team/module tutor control. The present online system via Evasys produces a very low response rate and with data that is insufficiently informative. Watch out for the email asking for your views so we can feed this back to mgmt.
  • Next branch meetings – please note dates originally given have changed and are now – Wed 5th December Headingley 12-1 in Macaulay 112 and 6th December City 1-2 in Calverley 213. Let us know if you have any items you wish to submit to the meeting.