Sign our petition to end casualisation at Leeds Beckett

To support our negotiations with management at Leeds Beckett, please sign our petition to end the use of casual teaching contracts:

Our claim was that all lecturers who teach a minimum of 100 hours for 2 years should be transferred, on agreement with the lecturer, onto a fractional permanent  0.2 contract. The university’s current positon falls considerable short of our claim – offering merely to make permanent after an unspecified period of years, and not necessarily via automatic transfer, those who have taught the equivalent of a 0.4 contract. Even at the most generous estimates this would only cover just short of 10% of all hourly paid lectures. As part of our campaign UCU nationally have set up a petition to help support our negotiations. Please sign following the link below and circulate as widely as you can. The students union have also given their support and I will send the petition to them, so encourage your students to sign too – it’s in their interest that all their lecturer are on contracts that are secure and sustainable.


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