JULY 2019 Update

  1. Our last consultation meeting was held concerning the proposals to cut staffing in the School of Sport. The application to apply for a voluntary deal was yesterday and as a result the university was able to report to us that the savings identified had been met and that they would therefore not now be moving to instigate compulsory redundancies. This will be a relief to all those in that school but does not remove the fact that the process has been extremely distressing and has forced many into a decision that they would otherwise have not had to make. Morale has clearly dipped and we have stressed to both HR and the school that to move ahead there needs to be both understanding of the impact this has had, and mechanisms provided to ensure transparency and engagement with staff in determining the school’s future strategy.
  2. In the School of Education we are still unfortunately involved in consultations again regarding proposals to cut staffing to meet a deficit.  We informed branch members of this process only a few weeks ago and requested that giving the unprecedented late timing of these proposals that the university delay the consultation until September. This was refused and the process is ongoing.
  3. Languages – a proposal has been put forward to restructure and re-align staff within the Languages provisions of the university. A meeting was held with Peter Slee and staff. Again this has caused very understandable anxiety amongst those staff as their future is uncertain. This is not at yet at the stage of any formal proposal for staff cuts as the staff have been provide with time to consider the proposals and come up with alternative ones to be considered in the autumn.
  4. We are still moving ahead with the agreement we have negotiated with the university to offer permanent fractional contract to all hourly paid members where there is anticipated demand. The agreement has not yet been signed as there are a few aspects that still need checking but the university has committed to writing to all those affected and for contracts to start, or be backdated to 1st September (should there be a delay). There is little more advice we can give at the moment but once staff start receiving letters and have queries we can address these.
  5. Some issues have arisen around the deployment process – particularly where staff are leaving and others may be asked to fill the teaching etc. For a full guideline and tips on deployment see our website page – https://leedsbeckett.web.ucu.org.uk/deployment-guidelines/

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