UCU face to face teaching guidelines

Here are some guidelines on face to face teaching. Further guidance can be found on the UCU website:
1.      All member should have an individual risk assessment before any face to face teaching takes place so the covid guidelines can be followed. It should also have been discussed at individual deployment meetings.

2.      The individual risk assessment should identify any health risks and appropriate steps should be taken e,g, members may need to be referred to occupational health, supplied with PPE or reasonable adjustments made.

3.      If there are any issues that cannot be resolved at local level then please contact your HR Business Partner to try and resolve the issue. UCU reps can support you in these meetings if required.

4.      Members should not be forced into teaching face to face until the above steps have been taken.

5.      if there is a disagreement between staff and line managers regarding members coming on site for face to face teaching then UCU has produced letters that can be written to the University/Line Manager to request to continue to work remotely. UCU can supply these to members if required or advise you where to find them. There are different letters to cover different circumstances. They cover the following categories:

-an employee who is clinically vulnerable or extremely vulnerable;

-an employee from a BAME background

-an employee with anxiety/depression related condition

-an older employee

-a pregnant woman employee from a BAME background

-a pregnant woman from a white background

-an employee with no particular relevant characteristics

-an employee with no particular relevant characteristics but with vulnerable household member(s)

-disabled staff at increased risk.

6.      Each letter covers issues relevant to the circumstances/characteristics of the employee and includes reference to the employer risk assessment (or lack of one) to raise concerns with the member’s manager. To be most effective the letters should include reference to the employer’s risk assessment, to highlight deficiencies in that and the reasons why the member considers it to be unsafe to return to onsite working in the current circumstances, until deficiencies have been removed and adequate control measures implemented.

7.      The letters flag up key issues such as:

Right to stop work when in danger and work from a place of safety (Management of Health and Safety At Work Regulations 1999)

Indirect Discrimination (Equality Act 2010 s 19)

Negligence (Duty of care)

Breach of Contract (Employer’s Contractual Duty of Care)

Protection for Whistleblowers

8. If you notice any missing signage or health and safety issues (e.g. congested areas, inadequate ventilation etc) then please report these to Sareen Galbraith who is the UCU Health & Safety Rep.

8. All cases of coronavirus at the University and any health & safety issues should be reported to UCU so that we can report them to UCU Head Office.

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