Anti casualisation agreement at Leeds Beckett

We have now finalised our agreement with the university that will have a significant impact on many hourly paid lecturers. From September anyone offered over 110 teaching hours will be offered a permanent fractional contract (see below for details of which fraction will apply according to hours worked). This agreement comes on the back of two years of campaigning, and a national campaign by UCU, to seek to end the casual use of contracts at our university. It signifies a major step forward for many staff who have, up until now, been on insecure casual contracts, annually renewed.

All contracts offered will be backdate to 1st September. Where there is concern over the type of contract offered and/or the grade (most will be at the bottom of grade 7) then you can contact one of our reps for advice (see Contact Us page for details of who to contact).

Allocated FST Hours Fraction of substantive contract
110-199 0.2
200-220 0.4
221-275 0.5
276-330 0.6
331-420 0.8
421+ Full-time